Brabners Brand Protection Services

Intellectual property (IP) rights are likely to underlie many parts of your business. Every business owns some intellectual property rights. For example, as a minimum, every business has a name which may be protectable as a trade mark.

At Brabners, we recognise and understand the commercial importance of your business’ brand identity. Your brand is our business.

We offer a full range of legal services to assist and advise you in fully securing, protecting, enforcing and maximising the value of your business’ brands. We call these Brand Protection Services.

This site is intended to give you a brief overview of the legal protections which are available to secure, protect and enforce your brand.

You may wish to refer to the introduction to trade marks section for a brief introduction to trade marks, which are the type of intellectual property right which are most important to protecting your brand.


Our lawyers have vast experience and expertise in intellectual property law. In particular, we offer advice on a full range of trade mark issues, including:

  • Trade mark audits
  • Brand advice and filing strategy
  • Clearance searches
  • Trade mark filing and prosecution – application, examination, oppositions, cancellations, invalidity, revocations (for non use and reasons other than non use), appeals, registration and recordals
  • Trade mark watches (using a third party watch service)
  • Trade mark renewals
  • Trade mark portfolio management and client extranet service
  • Contractual advice and exploitation (e.g.licenses, sales, assignments)
  • Corporate advice, in particular relating to acquisitions and mergers
  • Enforcement (e.g. infringement claims and passing off actions)
  • Strategic advice relating to domain names (including recovery from third parties, cybersquatters and typosquatters)


Should you wish to learn more about other forms of intellectual property, please refer to the other types of intellectual property section.

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