Protecting Your Brand Through Trade Mark Registration.

Registration of your trade marks would provide you with a legal monopoly right over use of your “marks” (such as your brand names or logos) in the course of trade in relation to the specific goods and services in the specific territory or territories for which your trade mark has been registered.

Registered trade marks have an unlimited duration as long as the renewal fees are paid (10-yearly in the UK and Europe).

This statutory monopoly right brings a number of benefits to your business, including:

  • The ability to bring trade mark infringement actions to defend your brand;
  • A deterrent effect on competitors choosing an identical or similar brand to your own;
  • The ability to oppose third parties seeking to register an identical or similar brand to your own as at trade mark;
  • The registered trade marks themselves being a valuable commercial asset, capable of exploitation.

These benefits are explained further later in this section.

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